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Ali Bierman Awareness and the True You

You are not who you think you are. You are not who others think you are. Discover the True You in today's episode.

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These books fill in the science and spiritual teachings that explain awareness and the True You. IF you choose to buy one or both I may receive a small commission (without any cost to you) for my recommendations.

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Anne-Marie Marron – Embodied Leadership and Power Reclamation


Power reclamation restores vitality,  replacing perceptions of reality that keep people stuck and embodied leadership dynamics shift cultures. Listen to how Anne-Marie transforms lives and business cultures that offer a view of a world in which all can prosper in love and peace.

Intentionally direct your life force and creative energy towards states of union, joy, innovation and pleasure.
Feel safe to be in your body and tap into the wisdom that is within you. Drive straight to the root of things, into the depths of what wants to be revealed and integrated.
What is another aspect of intelligence trying to tell you?
Anne-Marie  knows when to take a person out of their perception of reality that keeps them stuck, moving them into the unknown.
Witness the executive who saw through the eyes of an eagle.
Take the quiz to reveal your power.
Executives wanting to work With Anne-Marie go here.
Slow down. Get out in Nature. Learn how to meditate with the Headspace:meditation app

What is Spirit 2X

This week I have a special treat - this episode comes to you as an audio AND a video. Choose your favorite format and InJoy!

Today I share how I got into energy work and metaphysics.

In a nutshell ...
As a psychotherapist working in crisis care, I was attacked and left with a life-altering Traumatic Brain Injury that forced me to go within.
The gift? I discovered who I really am AND how to communicate directly with my Spirit, Guides, Angels AND the Universe.
Discover what brought me to the world of metaphysics and energy.

The Oriental Medicine doc didn't mean Spirit as I meant Spirit.

What does Spirit mean to you?

a Flame - SPirit 2 meanings

Spirit: 2 Meanings

Welcome to our Gathering of Metaphysical Ministry International. Today we continue our exploration of the meaning of Spirit.

I was very surprised when he told me why he was smiling. How about you?

What is Spirit to you?

Justin Pogue Rdefines the Renter-Landlord Paradigm

Justin Pogue redefines the renter-landlord paradigm creating a win-win that alters the housing market replacing animosity with collaboration.

-Your destination is more important than the vehicle that gets you there.
-Your self worth comes from you not from anyone or anything outside of you.
-Nothing happens until a sale takes place. A sale is an opportunity to embrace.
-When faced with a crisis jump in and act!

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Ali On Goals and Affirmations

Expect and Accept

So excited to share with you -  I have been putting a request out to the Universe for a few days and today, while meditating, it came through. When you see how I choose what I expect and accept you can change your world too - instantly.

Watch the video to know what to do starting today.

Want extra help in making your changes faster? Grab my very special offer before I return the price to what it was originally - before I added lots more to it!

Tonya Alberti Resolves Not Enoughness

Feeling unworthy? Caught in the trappings of social media telling you how to look and live?

Tonya knows how to connect you to and honor your intuition, to love and honor yourself. 

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What Is Spirit

Ali explains the basic concepts of metaphysics. She then shares the how and why she created Metaphysical Ministry International.

Today's focus next moves to the concept of Spirit. What do we mean by Spirit? How do we notice our Spirit in daily life?

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Ali On Goals and Affirmations 

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Connie Whitman Injects Passion and High Energy into Businesses Near and Far

Connie assists business owners, leaders and sales teams to build powerhouse organizations using transformational tools and communication skills.

She teaches how“The world becomes fascinating when you are fascinated by others.” 

Acknowledge change and fear. Ask yourself questions giving you clarity to move forward. Take baby steps to implement your plan. “Rinse and repeat” as needed across your life.


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