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What is Spirit 2X

This week I have a special treat - this episode comes to you as an audio AND a video. Choose your favorite format and InJoy!

Today I share how I got into energy work and metaphysics.

In a nutshell ...
As a psychotherapist working in crisis care, I was attacked and left with a life-altering Traumatic Brain Injury that forced me to go within.
The gift? I discovered who I really am AND how to communicate directly with my Spirit, Guides, Angels AND the Universe.
Discover what brought me to the world of metaphysics and energy.

The Oriental Medicine doc didn't mean Spirit as I meant Spirit.

What does Spirit mean to you?

a Flame - SPirit 2 meanings

Spirit: 2 Meanings

Welcome to our Gathering of Metaphysical Ministry International. Today we continue our exploration of the meaning of Spirit.

I was very surprised when he told me why he was smiling. How about you?

What is Spirit to you?

Expect and Accept

So excited to share with you -  I have been putting a request out to the Universe for a few days and today, while meditating, it came through. When you see how I choose what I expect and accept you can change your world too - instantly.

Watch the video to know what to do starting today.

Want extra help in making your changes faster? Grab my very special offer before I return the price to what it was originally - before I added lots more to it!

thinking chimpanzee

I Am Not in the Universe

I am not in the Universe. The Universe is in me.

You are not in the Universe. The Universe is in you. 

The fact is that nothing exists outside of you. You create your world in your mind. Everybody does.

Wondering what the heck I am talking about? Watch the video to understand how you create your world in each moment.

To download her gift, Step in a New Direction  click here. Begin seeing your world from the perspective of creating reality as it actually happens and finally do it with awareness.

Continue to stumble through life blaming events, circumstances, and other people for your less than happy life OR Step In a New Direction NOW.

The choice is yours  - always has been and always will be.

Victoria Savage The Wisdom Guided Oracle

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Tell us what step you will take starting NOW to move on a different path in life.