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Dr. Tianna Conte R-Evolutionary Self Care

Dr. Tianna Conte has 40 years of experience across diverse dimensions and modalities. This episode highlights her signature programs beginning with her life-changing gift, her Jump Start Video

During the early morning before your conscious mind kicks in repeat the message that sparked the GPS Code:

- Surrender
- Step By Step
- You’ll be shown the way

For daily ease in your life Use the PACE method:

P: Peace of mind not mind in pieces
A: Amusement - your are both the limited self and the limitless self
C: Curiosity- live in the question
E: Empowerment - you know you created the problem and you also have the soul solution

HOLY CROW! I never expected this!!!
I told you to expect fun but this??????



-FREE gift -  Her Jump Start Video - Let each new day Empower and Enliven you

GPS Code, for navigating life's challenges
5 simple steps to access your soul's guidance & power

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